Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Use stated herein (collectively, the "Terms of Use" or this "Agreement") constitute a legal agreement between you and Bright First Emergency Service.  In order to use the Service (each as defined below) you must agree to the Terms of Use that are set out below.

BFES “We”, “Our” or “Us” whilst “You”, “Your” refers to the entity booking for our services. During the continuance of this agreement into which these terms and conditions are incorporated (the “Agreement”), We shall supply Our services and You shall purchase the same subject to these terms and conditions. Should there be any conflict between these terms and conditions and any other terms of agreement, these other terms of agreement shall take precedence.

1 – Orders / Bookings

o    1.1 – BFES only accept contractual liability for a booked service once the quotation has been confirmed in writing, phone calls, app reservations and email.

2 – Fees and Payment
  • 2.1 – BFES standard payment terms are effected upon reservation of our services through our Mobile Money Account, Cash and a receipt of payment must be issued by the cashier or an electronic receipt of confirmation effected upon payment by electronic method(s).

  • 2.2 – Our fees are subject to change at any time without notice unless a fee has been agreed in writing for that specific service on that specific date.

2.3   Where are fees have been worked out on a given finish time We retain the right to increase Our quoted fees should our services run past said finish time at the behest of the booking party.

  • 2.4 – Where a single job or a shift runs past the expected “booked” finish time Our crews retain the right to finish at the pre-agreed time rather than continue as per the service bookers request. o          2.5 – Where a booked job is a single patient transfer journey the crew will do everything in their power to transfer the patient to their booked destination regardless of the timings involved, going against clause 2.4 above. o 2.6 – We aim to make Our quotations all encompassing, however should the unexpected take place We retain the right to amend Your quotation following completion of the services provided should additional costs have been incurred by Us.

3 – Cancellations

Unless agreed otherwise in writing Our standard cancellation policy is this;

  • 3.1 – Medical Event Cover (family or Individuals)  – Cancellation with more than 48 hours from booked start time no fee. Cancellation with 48-24 hours notice from booked start time 25% of the full fee. Cancellation with 24 hours up to 4 hours from booked start time 50% of full fee. Cancellation with less than 4 hours from the booked start time 100% of the full fee. o    3.2 – Private Patient Transfer within Buea – Cancellation with less than 12 hours from the booked time can result in a charge of the full fee being levied.


  • 3.3 – We retain the right to cancel or amend any booking at any point in time if in Our opinion the safety of Our staff or patients are potentially at risk. Where this is the case no cancellation fee shall exist.


4 – Your Responsibilities

Patient Transport Services

  • 4.1 – It is Your responsibility to ensure that all of the information supplied to Us is correct. It is also Your responsibility to inform Us as to any changes that take place between booking and the job itself. This includes changes of contact details, addresses and most importantly the patients condition.

  • 4.2 – It is Your responsibility to ensure medical records are passed over to Our crew when the patient is collected. o           4.3 – It is Your responsibility to ensure the patient and any travelling escorts treat Our crew with respect. Abuse towards Our crews will not be tolerated and could lead to Our refusal to treat or transport such a patient. Abuse to Our staff could also lead to prosecution.

Emergency Scene Cover 

  • 4.4 – If necessary it is Your responsibility to inform BFES prior to an event , occasion, marriage etc in case of an unforeseen circumstances that may need an Ambulance standby .

4.5    If necessary it is Your responsibility to inform the local hospital and relevant authorities prior to the event unless agreed otherwise. o   4.6 – Unless agreed otherwise BFES will be responsible for calling an extra emergency ambulance should the need arise.

  • 4.7 – It is Your responsibility to inform Us in advance of any other medical cover provided at an event 

  • 4.8 – If necessary it is Your responsibility to carry out a risk assessment and to provide it to Us in advance of an event or to Our crews if requested. Any risk assessment We carry out shall be for Our own purposes and does not cover any obligations carried by You. o             4.9 – You are responsible to ensure that either You or Us (if requested and agreed in writing) transports the patient to a suitable treatment area. You must make Us aware of the nature of this area including information on its location and whether or not it is powered and has running water. o     4.10 – You are responsible for ensuring that Our crews have clear access to the event site as well as to all areas in which they may be expected to treat individuals.


  • 4.13 – We are booked on the basis that should a patient need to go to hospital We are prepared, insured and able to do this. 

5 – Our Responsibilities
  • 5.1 – We will provide emergency services to the best of Our ability and in line with good practice as carried out by ambulance and first aid companies. These services are provided subject to the following limitations, and should not be seen as a substitute for a doctor, nurse or paramedic. o          5.2 – We shall not be held liable for any damage sustained to any property or possessions damaged during the event of access being required to a casualty or to allow egress from a site to the hospital.


  • 5.3 – From time to time We may be in a position where for unforeseen circumstances We do not have the right number of specifically trained staff to carry out a booked service. If deemed safe to do so We retain the right to either adjust the staffing numbers or types of qualified staff (You have the right to cancel with no fee if We elect to do this). To sub-contract a staffing position or the entire job to a another suitable company. If no solution can be found and the patient is deemed at risk or the event is deemed unsuitably covered We shall cancel Our commitment by notifying the service booker that such a circumstance has occurred. We will endeavor to give the service booker as much notice as possible however in certain unusual circumstances this notice period may be less than 24 hours. We accept no liability for any losses incurred through Our cancellation for reasons set out in this clause.

  • 5.4 – With regards to clause 5.3 above We advise that where possible You take out “medical Insurance” ( if you have any) that would cover any such losses incurred by Our cancellation. We will not accept any liability for any losses which You incur in relation to Our cancellation which could have been covered by such insurance.


5.5   We shall not be liable for any failure to carry out Our services or obligations due to factors outside of Our control such as but not excluding adverse weather, riots, strikes etc

  • 5.6 – Subject to clause 5.5 above neither We or Our personnel shall have any liability to You or any third party for any loss, damage or expense of any nature suffered due to any breach of any condition of Our agreement or any negligence or any breach of statutory or other duty or in any other way in connection with performance purported performance or of failure to perform the agreement.

  • 5.7 – Nothing in this agreement shall be taken to exclude Our liability where Our negligent actions result in death or personal injury of an individual during the process of transportation. o             5.8 – If on arrival at a job Our staff deem that the information provided to Us at the point of booking is so inaccurate that We can not complete the booking to a safe and satisfactory level, We retain the right to withdraw Our services immediately. In such an event We retain the right to invoice for the full fee. In such an event We accept no liability for any losses incurred by Our withdrawal of services. o   5.9 – Acceptance of all jobs is based on the fact that all information provided to Us is correct and remains correct. If We are informed of changes to any of the variable factors surrounding the job We retain the right to revise Our fees or refuse to carry out the job in question.

6 – Complaints Procedure

All complaints should be taken up with the senior member of staff at the point of contact where the complaint arises. If this is not possible a complaint should be made in writing and sent to a company Director at either  www.brightfirstemergency.org info@brightfirstemergency.org

Buea _ SW


+237 6 50 96 46 84

Should You be unhappy with the response provided You have the right to take up Your issue to the Regional Delegation of Public Health in Fako _ Division.

7 – Data Protection and Confidentiality
  • 7.1 – All patient related documentation is kept in line with the Data Protection Act and the Doctor’s and medical hippocratic oath.  Patient data will only be released to an individual if they are the person who received treatment or by their legal representation or an approved medical practitioner. To request this information the individual must contact Us in writing.

  • 7.2 – Each party will ensure that all confidential information remains confidential subject to any release of information required by law. o    7.3 – Unless specifically requested not to We retain the right to take photographs for marketing purposes whilst working on Your Agreement.

  • 7.4 – All clauses within these terms and conditions stand unless superseded in writing with specific requirements.


8 – Cameroon Law and Jurisdiction

o    8.1 – These terms and condition shall be governed by Cameroon legal system and laws governing health care and Emergency medical services .  





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