Bright Health Service (BHS) is a full-service health unit, dedicated to consistently provide high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent first aid and  emergency  services,  quality  products,  and  logistics  (transportation)  at  an enjoyable and acceptable value/price relationship. It might no longer be new to you that health is indeed wealth. We all have come to know that aphorism without any hassle. It is therefore in place to say that, when one has a sound health, one can be of optimum relevance to the society.

Bright Health Services is committed to Providing Professional Emergency Services with Pride through Preparation, Prevention and Education, to assure a Safe and Quality environment for our Community.

Community • Pride • Service • Preparation • Prevention • Education


Bright Health Services is in business to establish emergency first aid unit to provide timely and effective response to medical emergencies for the protection of life. We want to become one of its kinds in the health care services industry in Cameroon.


​Our goal is to reduce the gap for patients with emergency situations to the hospital. This involves emergency situations such as road accidents of all types, assault, collapse, motion injuries, Slip and falls, Muscle strains and back injuries. Therefore, the provision of prompt and appropriate first aid can reduce severity of an injury or illness; and in extreme cases could reduces death.

Bright’s First Emergency Service is a standard, licensed and certified first aid emergency service provider that is in the heart of Molyko, Buea – Cameroon.



Patient Transport Service (PTS) call handler


Patient Transport Service (PTS) call handlers (sometimes called controllers) have a key role in ensuring patients who are frail or vulnerable or have no other means of transport get to their health appointments safely and on time. 

Emergency medical technician


operate as a single responder to an incident or support a paramedic on a double-crewed ambulance. Multi-skills as paramedics, such as being able to assess, triage and provide lifesaving treatment. 

Emergency care assistant


Responds to emergency calls alongside a paramedic, help to provide patients with potentially life-saving care and, where needed, getting patients to the hospital. Attend to every kind of accident and emergency, sometimes covering considerable distances, using expert emergency driving skills to get to the scene with the greatest speed possible. 

Ambulance care assistant and Patient Transport Service (PTS) driver


Ambulance care assistants or Patient Transport Service (PTS) drivers drive disabled, elderly, sick or vulnerable people to and from outpatient clinics and routine hospital admissions, check up.

Call handler/emergency medical dispatcher


Handling emergency calls from the public and make sure that the right help reaches people as soon as possible.


Often the first to arrive when a patient needs help. It’s a fast-paced and vital role where we quickly take charge of the situation to save lives





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